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Sinasoid Haute Series SLIVER Patch Cable 3IN+

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Sinasoid Haute Series SLIVER Patch Cable 3IN+
You've heard about the Sliver. Both soldered patch cables and solderless patch cables everywhere are cowering in the dark, speaking in hushed voices about the new, tiny soldered patch plug in town. 

Sinasoid is your exclusive source for these microscopic monsters. A soldered hot connection and a 360 degree pressure clamped ground make for sturdy construction and a snug fit for any gap between pedals. This tiny 4-piece patch plug is not only the smallest soldered patch cable option we have, it's actually one of the smallest patch cables out there right now.

As with every Sinasoid cable, these tiny patch cables are handmade with love, carefully assembled and packed in our shop, and are covered by our 100 Year Warranty.

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